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Welcome to
Lord of Lords Lutheran Church

Our worship services offer life-related messages, as well as friendly people who meet to praise our great Savior, Christ Jesus, in a recently constructed chapel. Child care is offered during most services, and everyone is always welcome to fellowship immediately after the service.

  • The church is located on the southern edge of Casper, Wyoming, at the base of beautiful Casper Mountain.

Lord of Lords meets every Sunday morning at 10:15 AM. These services are open to anyone and everyone wishing to join us in praise and celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We also provide many other worship opportunities throughout the year. Don’t forget: we are located at 5028 Casper Mountain Road.

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Recent Sermons

Visit the Sermon Archive for all of our sermons to date.

By Christ’s Death and Resurrection You have Inherited Heaven

Sermon Text: Psalm 16

God was Christ’s greatest good so you can take refuge in him. Christ delighted to make you majestic. Through Christ you are elected to eternal life. Christ has kept the LORD before him so that he is your counselor. Christ’s security has secured you.

Christ’s Cross Resolves All Our Dilemmas

Sermon Text: Mark 16:1-8

Christ’s empty tomb validates God’s Word, it is eternal life, and it show all things serve the resurrection.

Christ has Finished All the Work for Your Salvation

Sermon Text: John 19:30

The Reformation gives all glory to the true redeemer by showing Christ has finished all the work for your salvation; we see that all the work of the law has been completed for us, and the work of removing our sin has also been completed for us.