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Archive of Published Sermons

These are all of the published sermons from Lord of Lords Lutheran church to date. Pastor Schurman records his sermon during the services; those recordings are later posted here for public access.

Christmas Focuses on the Start through the Finish

Sermon Text: Titus 2:11-14

The start is Christ’s incarnation for all mankind, the middle is our lives in Him, the end is Christ’s return and His kingdom of glory.

God Works the Fruits in Us that Prepare for Our Lord’s Coming

Sermon Text: Romans 15:4-13

He works unity among his flock, He works our confessions of praise, rejoicing, and hope, and He makes us overflow with joy, peace, and hope.

Questions to Ask as We Meditate on Life and Judgment

Sermon Text: Psalm 90

What gives God the right to judge? How long are you going to live? Why do we die? What is the meaning of life? How can I thank God?

As We Await the Day When the Church is Seen as Triumphant

Sermon Text: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5

Be comforted by your election, stay in the Word, and pray for the spread of the Word.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Sermon Text: Psalm 46

God dwells in the midst of the church, and He is exalted in the earth and in the nations.

God has Built into our Faith the Very Things He Expects from that Faith

Sermon Text: Luke 17:1-10

Faith is not your power, but it is God’s power at work in you; God expects His work to show through your faith.

The Cross Comes with Discipleship

Sermon Text: Luke 14:25-33

The cross comes with discipleship because your top relationship is with the Lord and because nothing in this world compares to salvation.

Pray Boldly to Your Heavenly Daddy

Sermon Text: Luke 11:1-13

Jesus has made God your Heavenly Daddy who answers your prayers; God’s name represents everything he does for you; Your Heavenly Daddy provides for all your needs, forgives your sins, and delivers you from temptation.