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Archive of Published Sermons

These are all of the published sermons from Lord of Lords Lutheran church to date. Pastor Schurman records his sermon during the services; those recordings are later posted here for public access.

Listen to your savior when you don’t see His glory, when you do see His glory, and when you want to cling to His glory

God’s grace has empowered you to endure animosity, to stand out from the unbelievers, and to love your enemies.

You are Blessed to Know Your Blessings

Sermon Text: Luke 6:17-26

You come as a beggar, but God has made you rich. You hunger for grace, and God feeds you. You weep in this world, and God gives you joy. The world hates you, but God embraces you.

We do what Jesus did when He proclaimed the Word of God, we follow Jesus’ instructions, and we know it is God’s power at work.

Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit. He brought good news to the poor. He has preached release to the captives. He has restored the sight of the blind. He has proclaimed the Jubilee Year of the Lord.

In marriage we see that just as the bride is adorned with beauty, receives a new name, is taken by the hand, is no longer single, and is pure and doted over, so too are we treated in His church (the church of all believers).

Throughout this New Year Trust in Your Foundation

Sermon Text: Matthew 7:24-27

Throughout this New Year be sure to trust in Christ, who is your foundation. Whether you did or did not see the storm coming, remember to trust in Christ. And when the storms are over, look back at how Christ kept you anchored on Him; it will fill you with thanks and praise and give you a stronger trust in Him.

God Took on Our Flesh and Blood

Sermon Text: Hebrews 2:10-18

God took on our flesh and blood to make us His brothers, to free us from the slavery of death, and to help us through temptations by being there with us as our brother.

Advent is the Coming of Christ’s Death and Resurrection

Sermon Text: Hebrews 10:5-10

Christ’s sacrifice abolishes all of the sin offerings established in the Old Testament, and His sacrifice has also sanctified you once for all time.