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Archive of Published Sermons

These are all of the published sermons from Lord of Lords Lutheran church to date. Pastor Schurman records his sermon during the services; those recordings are later posted here for public access.

The Lord’s Anointed Changes Us from Prisoners to Priests

Sermon Text: Isaiah 61:1-6

A restoration of the true Zion; an adoption of the Gentiles.

Hope is a Gift in the Light of our Coming Lord

Sermon Text: Psalm 33:16-22

It is not a worldly hope, but a confidence in God’s deliverance, help, and protection, therefore we confidently expect his return.

The Baptist Prepares the Way for the Lord

Sermon Text: Luke 3:1-6

The Baptist prepares the way for the Lord with the Word of God through a baptism for the repentant resulting in the forgiveness of sins.

Christ has Already Won the Victory

Sermon Text: Hebrews 10:11-18

Christ’s enemies have been defeated and will be utterly humiliated, and Christ’s victory places you in his invisible church. (This sermon was preached on a Sunday known as “Saints Triumphant.” By the term “saints” we mean all believers who trust in Jesus for salvation. On Judgment day all believers will shine with Christ’s undeniable victory.)

The Rest God’s Word Gives to You

Sermon Text: Hebrews 4:9-15

Rest from spiritual and physical labors; Rest we hurry to busy ourselves in; Rest won by the High Priest that we confess.

Jesus is True God, Who Gives Us Salvation

Sermon Text: Mark 10:17-27

We cannot earn our salvation, therefore God became a man and earned salvation for us.

Christ has Put You in His Kingdom and So We Serve in His Kingdom

Sermon Text: Mark 9:38-50

We are not to serve as lords over one another because all work in God’s kingdom is glorious We are warned about self glorification and forfeiting God’s kingdom.